Using skills

A good number of actions you will take in the wasteland will use a skill of some sort. From hacking a terminal to swinging that super sledge, a skill is what designates how proficient you are at the action you wish to do (for more on skills, see Skills). To use a skill, simply roll a D100. To do this, you roll 2D10. The first die rolled is the 10’s, and the second die is the ones. Some D10’s have the numbers marked out in tens (10, 20, 30, etc.), this will help the process go a bit better.

Skill Tests
Each skill has a percentage assigned to it. This represents just how skilled you are in that particular skill. This is known as your target number. When making a test, you roll the D100, and to be successful, your result needs to be under your target number. The lower the result, the better the outcome (see below).

Auto-pass skill tests
Barter, Speech, and Survival
Some skills are designed in a way that a roll is not needed. Barter and Speech are two examples of this. While a roll will still be needed to get that ultra rare item for cheap or to convince the mayor of a town you just arrived in to give you the key of the city, certain factors can make it so you automatically pass this test.
If your Barter is high enough, your prices and payout for things you buy and sell will be altered. You cannot borrow someone else’s skill if they are not dealing with the shop keep themselves.
Do enough good deeds for enough people, and you will be seen as a hero. If someone thinks of you as a godsend or a savior, they are more likely to follow you without convincing. This includes how settlements and groups feel about you as well. However, this is also a double edged sword, as if your bad deeds are witnessed, this too will have an impact.
While a skill test may be taken, with a high enough survival, your great knowledge of the wilds is enough to get you by. The higher the skill, the less of a chance you have to figure where the bladder is while skinning that mole rat.

Certain situations cause the Target number to change. The amount of light in the room (or outside), if the computer has an amazing amount of security, or your trying to barter for some goods and the shopkeep is being stingy with her prices, all these things have the possibility to reduce the Target number. But not every modifier is negative. There are some that increase the Target number.

Degrees of Success
If your roll is successful by more then 10 points under the Target number, you are granted a degree of success for each 10 (if your target number is 43, and you roll a 12, you are granted 3 degrees of success, as your roll was 31 points under the Target number). This bonus can lead to anything from more damage against your opponent, to other delights.

Failing a skill test
When making a roll for a skill test, if a 95%-100% is rolled (A “00” on one die and a ‘0’ on the other make a ‘100’), it is a critical failure. Critical failures can result in that trap blowing up in your face, the computer your hacking getting locked out, or you breaking your arm on your melee swing, just to name a few things.

Using skills

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