Traits are advantages/disadvantages that help define your character, they are there to help flesh out your character, giving characters advantages or disadvantages. Up to two traits may be taken, or none at all.

Fast Metabolism
Your body heals faster, but is less resistant to radiation and poison. You add +2 to your healing rate, however your poison and radiation resistance start at 0%

Bigger is better, even if a bit slower. You gain +2 to STR, but lose 2 AP, ya big lug. (This increase cannot take your stat about 10)

Small Frame
+1 to AGI, but your carry weight is 15lbs x STR (this increase cannot take your stat above 10)

One Hander
Your strong hand is your strong hand. Your other hand is your dumb hand. Your dominate hand is now better, but the other one is worse. You gain an additional 20% when using one handed melee weapons, while you suffer a 40% when using two handed weapons.

Your fancy moves don’t do much damage, but when you do damage, you do damage. Your attacks do 30% less damage (rounded down), but your critical chance is increased by 15%.

You’ve read a page or two from 1941 WWII. You can only ever get AC from wearing armour. However you gain +5 to Initiative.

Heavy Handed
You swing harder, not better.
You do +5 damage with melee weapons, however your 30% less likely to cripple a limb and does 30% less damage.

Fast Shot
You have things to do and don’t have time to aim properly. You cannot perform targeted shots with guns, however all guns cost 1 less AP to use.

Good Natured
You’re a nice guy. Barter, Medicine, and speech skills start with a 20% bonus, while combat skills (big guns, small guns, melee weapon, unarmed, energy weapons) start with a 10% penalty.


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