Over the course of time, players will become more skilled, stronger, better, etc. To represent this, when the character gains enough experience, they level up.

Everything gives you experience, and when enough experience is gained, the character advances a level. The following chart shows how much EXP is needed to advance to the next level:

Level – XP
1 0
2 1,000
3 3,000
4 6,000
5 10,000
6 15,000
7 21,000
8 28,000
9 36,000
10 45,000
And so on and so forth

Health Increase
Each level, a character’s HP will increase by their END +3 (rounded down).

Skill Points
With each level, the character becomes more skillful. The character gets 5+ (INT x2) worth of skill points to put into any skill they choose. Remember, TAG! skills increase 2 points per 1 skill point spent.

Every level, starting at level 2, the character gets a perk. Some of these perks have specific level, SPECIAL, or skill percentage. For the sake of ease, perks will be organized by level, but be mindful of other requirements. Some perks can be taken multiple times, the effects stacking on top of each other.

The perks listed below are organized based on level requirements, some may have other requirements listed with the perk. Some level increments may not be listed.

Level 2 perks
Level 3 perks
Level 4 perks
Level 5 perks
Level 6 perks
Level 7 perks
Level 8 perks
Level 9 perks
Level 10 perks
Level 11 perks
Level 12 perks
Level 13 perks
Level 14 perks
Level 15 perks
Level 16 perks
Level 17 perks
Level 18 perks
Level 19 perks


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