Unarmed skill Weapons

Unarmed weapons use the unarmed skill. (See Unarmed combat for more). There are many more weapons out there of the unarmed label, but what they are, only a drunken deathclaw knows….

Unless otherwise stated, Range of all Unarmed weapons is 1, and AP is as follows S:3, T:4, B:N/A

Brass knuckles
A solid piece of metal that slips on the fist of the fighter, making punches do more damage
Min STR. 1, Weight: 1lb, Dmg: 1D10+MD

Tiger Claw
_A glove that fits over a portion of the knuckles and fingers, concealing sharp “claws” in the palm. Used in grapple fighting, the blades are typically coated in a poison (not included).
Value: 75
Min STR. 1, Weight 1lb, Dmg: 1d2+MD (Roll 1d4, 1-2 = 1, 3-4 = 2)

A glove with weighted metal inlays designed to help the fighter hit harder.
Value: 80
Min STR; 3, W:4lbs, Dmg: 1D6+MD
Special: If damage is dealt, there is a 75% chance the target will be knocked out for 1d10 hours.

Gloves that have small sharp claws attached to where the finger nails would be, used to scratch the opponent. While not very useful in combat, combined with the right poisons can make these very useful
Value 90
Min Str. 1, W: 2lbs, Dmg: 1d4+MD

Probably born out of some pit fighter’s wet dream, this glove is lined with razor sharp blades, running from the wrist to the tip of each finger.
Min. Str.1, W: 2lbs, Dmg: (1d8+2) +MD
Special: There is a 30% chance the target will bleed if damage is dealt successfully.

Mace Gloves
A large, metal ball attached to a glove. That’s the jist of it.
Value: 150
Min. STR: 3, W:5lbs, Dmg: 1d12 +MD

Spiked knuckles
A spiked version of Brass Knuckles
Value 150
Min STR: 1 W: 1, Dmg: (1d10+4) +MD

Boxing Gloves
Not to be used on Boxing day
Value 175
Min STR 1, W: 5lbs, Dmg 1d4+MD
Special: These gloves are designed in a way that is mainly non-lethal. When the target is reduced to 5% of their total HP, they fall to the ground. An END test is needed to see if they pass out.

Punch Dagger
Basically a glove with a dagger attached. Almost like a punch buggy, minus the small blue alien dog.
Value 300
Min STR 1, W:4lbs, Dmg (1d10+2) +MD

Punch Gun
A strange contraption, basically a glove with a barrel attached to it. A trigger on the thumb. When a punch is thrown, a shotgun blast is fired as well.
Value 600
Min STR 2, W: 7LBS, Dmg: (1d4+ammo damage) +MD AP S:4, T:5
Special: This weapon is only designed to hold one 12 gauge shotgun shell. Due to the size of the barrel, it can only be used at close range.

Jackson claws
A rare clawed glove weapon, named after a famous comic book character from before the war.
Value ?
Min STR 2, W:3lbs, Dmg (1d10+5)+MD

Unarmed skill Weapons

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