As every action has a roll tied to it, of course there has to be a determining factor of difficulty and determining success. These Modifiers are for non combat skills only, as combat has it’s own rules for determining success.

Difficulty Modifiers
When rolling your skill to see what will happen, add the following modifiers depending on what is going on around you.
Very Easy +20% to skill
Easy +10% to skill
Average +0% to skill
Moderate -10% to skill
Hard -20 to skill
Extremely Hard -30 to skill

Special condition Modifiers
These modifers are a little more looser then the previously state modifiers. Theses are conditional modifiers, which may not always come into play. Conditional modifiers are added after Difficulty Modifiers are determined

Here is a few examples. Note, the amount of the modifier may change depending on the scenario.
Player is distracted -5% to skill

Player is tired/winded -10% to skill

Player is in a hurry -4%

The same concept applies to SPECIAL tests, albeit a smidgen different.
Very Easy +2
Easy +1
Average +0
Moderate -1
Hard -2
Extremely Hard -3

The same can be said of Conditional modifiers, which depend entirely on the situation.


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