Skills are the bread and butter of the Fallout world. The skills here are divided into two categories for ease: Non-combat skills and combat skills. Non-combat skills will more than likely not be used in combat (hence the name), where combat skills will probably only ever be used in combat. While we have a set list of skills, new ones may be added.

Each skill is tied to a SPECIAL tied to it. Some have two. To find out what your starting skill percentage is, you do the following equation: 10 + Stat(s) + (Luck+3). Each time your character advances a level, they gain a number of skill points (See Advancement). These skill points can be added to any skill available to increase the percentage by 1 point for each skill point spent on the skill. The exception to this is Tag! skills (see below).

Tag! skills are skills that your character has focused their training on. This focus gives them an addition 15 percent. Additionally, a skill you spend skill points on when you level up increases by two points, instead of one.

See Using skills for more information.

Barter (CHA)
The skill of trading, used when selling or buying goods from traders. The higher your skill, the more money you get back for selling goods, and the lower the prices are when buying. This skill isn’t necessarily one that is used in a skill test, however, if you think your going to be able to get that Mini-Nuke Launcher for 3 caps, you better be prepared to roll.

Skill requirements
Some items require a skill level minimum to be used effectively.

Big Weapons (AGI)
This skill governs any big…weapon. Weapons included: flamethrowers, mini-guns, rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, and other large, two handed gun like weapon.

Energy Weapons (PER)
Any weapon that uses energy cells or plasma packs is covered under this skill. Energy weapons were just starting to come into actual warfare when the bombs dropped, so they are a rarity. This skill includes all laser, energy, plasma, and radiation weapons, both melee and ranged

Explosives (PER)
Things that make you go boom. This skill is tied to all explosives (excluding rocket launcher types). This includes Plastic explosives, dynamite, and c4. Even though they are explosives, Land mines are part of the Traps skill, and grenades are part of the throwing skill, they may require a percentage in Explosives to use. See the Throwing and Trap skills for more.

Lock-picking (PER)
Many things were locked behind closed doors…and safes…before the bombs dropped, and now it’s time to open them. Using this skill requires a lock-pick of some sort, commonly a bobby pin (see Lock-picking for more on this skill)

First Aid (INT)
In the wasteland, sometimes you need to take some doctoring into your own hands. This skill covers all things in the way of first aid. From the simplest bandage job to open by pass molecular neuro heart-and-brain surgery. The higher the skill, the more healing you can do. This can also be used to determine wounds on others and unknown medicines.

Melee Weapons (STR)
One of the most basic instincts is to take a stick and beat the crap out of something. All melee weapons (excluding energy weapons) are covered under this skill. Note: some weapons may have a skill percentage requirement).

Pickpocket (AGI)
Self explanatory, the art of reaching into someones back pocket and taking their caps without them noticing. The higher the skill, the more chance you’ll weasel that rocket launcher off of someones back.

Repair (INT)
Everything breaks over time. This skill not only allows you to repair your weapons and armour, but also any non computer type object that needs it. The difficulty is based entirely on the complexity of the object that needs repairing. A pistol may be an easy fix, that wagon cart may not be.

Science (INT)
_Technology was at a peak when everything went to hell., computers and robots were common place and cars ran on fission power. This skill governs not only the hacking ability, but the ability to repair computers and works in conjunction with the repair skill to repair robots (a required percentage, not a test).

Small guns (AGI)
Pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns, and shotguns, all are included in this skill. Some small guns have a percentage requirement. Some perks may help increase certain aspects of this skill.

Sneak (AGI)
You are a theft in the night. This skill is used when you want to sneak around something. Sticking to the dark will provide a bonus to the sneak target number (the darker the better), as will rare stealth boys and other sneaky things. Some enemies have a higher perception then others, which will take away from the target number.

Speech (CHA)
The art of the spoken word. Where barter is your ability to sweet talk that shop keep into selling you something cheaply, speech is your ability to get him to carry it for you. This skill is used to get your way when talking to NPCs. Commonly based on the actual percentage of the skill, a skill test may be taken when the commands warrant some convincing (Like when you want an NPC to kick a sleeping deathclaw in the coin purse).

Survival (END)
When the bombs dropped, the human race had to relearn basic survival skills. This governs everything from tracking animals, knowing how to skin them and which bits are safe to eat, to knowing which plant will help stop your buddy from dying from that Radscorpion sting.

Throwing (STR + AGI)
Fairly self explanatory, this skill is used when throwing anything. From grenades that kill, to pebbles for distraction. Note: while this skill is marked as a non combat skill, there are throwing weapons. This includes: throwing spears, throwing knives, rocks used in combat, and Grenades. Grenades, while part of this skill, require a 25% in explosives to use properly.

This skill is not only used in the setting and disarming of all types of traps, but also the setting, timing, and laying of land mine and other trap based explosives (this includes a grenade bouquet). The higher the skill, the less likely the trap will explode in your face. Note: Land Mines require a 25% in Explosives to use effectively.

Unarmed (STR + AGI)
Pugilism, karate, good ol’ Irish fist fighting. These are all covered in this skill. This also governs all fist based weapons (brass knuckles, power fists, boxing gloves), which add additional damage to your MD. For each degree of success, students of this skill increase their MD by ‘1’ (so if your under the target number by 20 points, your MD increases by ‘2’). In addition, the higher this skill, the more types of unarmed attacks are unlocked, like jabs, haymakers, kicking attacks!


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