The post apocalyptic wasteland is a place of much danger. Rad Roaches and raiders are all around, waiting to munch on your innards.

Combat in Fallout, is just like combat in other games. Just like most games, there is ranged and melee combat. And just like those other games, there are modifiers that are part of combat, such as lighting, environment, so on and so forth.

There is a round, which represents 10 seconds of time, and turns in that round, one for each participant in combat. To represent one’s ability to react in the round, each participant, player and NPC alike, has a sequence number that tells when it is their turn. There is no rolling for this number, it is a static number based on your agility, so it will not change unless there are circumstantial modifiers or you receive a perk. A player may hold his action until after another participants turn. Once everyone has a turn, the round restarts at the top of the order. Sequence is determined by multiplying your PE x2. Some items and perks help increase this number.

The To-Hit Roll

Weapons and Damage


Other actions


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