Into the wastelands

Another day in simulated paradise

The day begins anew, as the players get ready for the first ever “Peace Day” commemorating the newly found peace between America and China. After eating your healthy breakfast of frosted sugar bombs, the players made their way to the diner where Old man Ricardo is setting up the fireworks display, where they encounter an altercation with the town bullies. During this scuffle, some things seem not right, as punches that are thrown that should have hit miss impossibly, or a fleeing foe just disappears. Without warning, the warning klaxons, the ones that warn of nuclear attack, the ones that have been been false alarms more times then not, sound.

A faint whistling sounds in the distance.

The world disappears in a flash of white.

Slowly, ever so slowly, vision is restored, and the wholesome, cookie cutter neighborhood is replaced with dark, cold, steel and circuitry and the players find themselves (and Old man Ricardo) in small pod like contraptions. As some lights inside the pod flash, the glass door opens, allowing the inhabitants to leave their little prisons. They find themselves in a room full of pods, some broken into, some with dead bodies of other inhabitants. Exploring the room, Seanie sees a blinking light near some windows that are barricaded. As he gets closer, he sees a device around the wrist of a skeleton, he also see, sleeping on the opposite side of the room, a giant 6 legged, horned, reptilian creature. Still, the blinking light draws Seanie like a moth to a bug zapper, so he reaches for it…and causes it to slip and fall. Startled by the noise, the creature opens it’s eyes and slowly gets up. While the creature tries to get through the barricade, the players run to the door out of the room right as the monster breaks through.

Escaping into the corridors (which luckily the monster was too big for), the players discover some information about The Vault. After a harrowing battle with some giant bugs, and finding some supplies, the party makes it’s way up through the levels. Discovering the med bay, which has a huge crack exposing a rocky cave entrance, which was too small to clamber through. In this med bay, they also found a survivor, a frantic woman who came from one of the pods, and has been alone for a very long time. As old man Ricardo and Cameron examine the crack, something grabs Ricardo. The monster, camouflaged by the rocky entrance, ends Ricardo’s life. Running up the stairs to the next floor, the roof collapses, preventing them from going the way they came.

The stairs lead to the Vault door, a great mechanical gear. After figuring how to open it, the group encounter their old friend waiting outside the door: The giant creature. Knowing that it’s next meal is within reach, the creature slowly enters the vault. Running to a nearby vent, the party escapes it’s clutches one last time, discovering the vent is a maintenance hatch. Climbing the 90 degree steel rungs, the party climbs for what seems like forever. As they are slowly loosing steam, they come to a hatch, which is cold to the touch. The sounds of ting-ting-ting pitter patter on the hatch from the other side. With some ingenuity, the party muscles open the hatch, exposing the outside world. They climb, one by one, as rain drops fall to their faces, and an echo of a monstrous roar from somewhere in the distance rings though the land.



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