Into the wastelands

A while new world

A horrible carpet ride

Our vault dwellers, having escaped the vault, wonder in fright at the world they have come to. As they make their way to the cityscape in the distance, the sounds of scraping can be heard behind them. They turn to see a small Chinese man pulling a cart behind him attached to a two headed cow. As he chats with them, an uneasy feeling reels through the players. Slowly, one by one, the vault dwellers are clasped in explosive collars by his wife, who somehow snuck behind them. They find out that they are on the way to a place called The Dome. After a while, a familiar roar is sounded, and the cart gets knocked over by the monster they found in the vault. While the cart is tumbling, they are covered in a oil the cart driver had in his cart, masking their scent. After devouring the the driver, his wife, all who tried to fight the beast. Unable to smell them, the beast takes off. In the cart they also find two other people, a sassy ganger named Luna, and Sam, a gal with some weird speech quirks. Seeing that their survival now depends on each other, the group heads to The Crossroads, a hub town that is also Luna and Sam’s home. On the way, while searching the rubble for supplies, Luna and Sam encounter feral dogs, who try to take a bite out of them instead of crime (ba dum tiss). After dispatching the hounds, they come across a gas station not to far from The Crossroads. Inside, they find little more then some moldy tobacco and some moldy food. However, upon further inspection, they find a dead body having a tea party in the cooler. A fresh dead body. After finding this, they also find plans from the New China republic, targeting Harbor town, as well as a mysterious white powder. Lori, a girl they rescued from inside the vault who is way to jittery, notices that the ATM is movable, and upon further inspection, they see that there is a room behind it. Not wanting to risk booby traps, they make their way to The Crossroads, where they are greeted and are given much needed rest. After some time, they learn that the room in the gas station was used as a monitoring station, and that the white powder is a weapon of some sort. After this, the Mayor asks them to go to The Market, to gather some medical supplies, and to find out what happened to the people she originally sent.



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